Megyn Kelly Comments On Upcoming Trump Decision

The speculation surrounding who Donald Trump will select as his 2024 vice presidential running mate is heating up. While moderate Congresswoman Elise Stefanik from New York was initially deemed a top candidate, another name has again emerged at the forefront: former UN Ambassador and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

Despite rumors that Haley has been ruled out from consideration due to her primary campaign for president, the Trump campaign has yet to confirm or deny this information. This has left many political pundits and personalities, including former Fox News host Megyn Kelly, to speculate on the potential reasoning behind Trump’s potential pick.

In a recent interview with Dave Rubin, Kelly floated her theory on why Haley, despite her previously rocky relationship with Trump, could still be a viable option for the former president. “Is it out of the realm of possibility that he chooses Haley? Absolutely not. It’s not. I realize that MAGA doesn’t want it. They’ve convinced themselves that Nikki Haley is against all the things that they stand for,” Kelly posited.

But for Trump, who is undoubtedly eyeing a comeback in 2024, the ultimate goal is to secure a victory. And according to Kelly, “He personally really must win if he doesn’t want to go to jail.” This begs the question: would Trump prioritize his own potential legal predicaments over appeasing his base’s aversion to a candidate like Haley?

Kelly believes so, stating, “If [winning] is your situation, I think you might be thinking, ‘MAGA is gonna get over Nikki Haley if I tell them to get over Nikki Haley.’” And she’s not wrong. The loyalty of Trump’s base is unparalleled, and if the former president were to give his stamp of approval, it’s likely that many would fall in line and accept any decision he makes.

But for those who are skeptical of Haley’s conservative credentials, Kelly has a reality check: “Let’s face it, picking Haley may make a lot of sense. Unlike Stefanik, [Haley] brings in a completely different voting pool to the equation, which is what you want from a vice president. The point is to grow the tent to secure a coalition large enough to win.”

And make no mistake, the stakes of this election are high, not just for the country, but for Trump personally. As Kelly pointed out, “Trump recognizes the stakes of this election not just for the country, but for him. If he thinks Haley can be an asset, drawing in independents, why wouldn’t he pick her?” After all, Trump’s ultimate goal is to secure a victory, and if that means making a compromise with a candidate like Haley, it might just be worth it in the end.

Conservatives might balk at the idea of Haley on the ticket, citing her past criticism of Trump and her more moderate stances on certain issues. But as Kelly notes, “For all the consternation it would cause, it would take a week at most for the base of the party to fall in line and accept it as a necessary compromise.” And in today’s fast-paced news cycle, a week is a lifetime.

So, while some may dismiss the possibility of Haley as Trump’s running mate in 2024, it’s important to remember that in politics, anything is possible. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned about Trump, it’s that he’s a master at surprising us. So, buckle up conservatives, because a Haley pick might just be in our future, whether we like it or not.