Michigan County Is Caught In The Struggle To Protect It’s Residents Gun Rights

A county in Michigan is doing what it can in the struggle to protect its resident’s gun rights. The Board of Commissioners in Macomb County, Michigan are taking a stand saying that it will support and protect the 2nd Amendment.

“We are affirming that we believe in the second amendment,” said Bob Smith, chairman of the Macomb County board of commissioners. “This is mostly a symbolic gesture. As far as I’m concerned, the state is not there yet.”

The proposed resolution would make Macomb county a sanctuary for the 2nd Amendment. Even though the State of Michigan is not looking to pass any gun laws that are of concern, Macomb county wants to take a stand.

“They’re going to try and ban all weapons period,” said Frank Barrow, a gun rights advocate. “As every individual, you have the right to bear arms. If the state tries to do that, everyone should come together and fight back.”

During a meeting on Wednesday, it was even suggested that if the Sheriff attempts to enforce tougher gun laws that are passed by the state in the future they will lose their funding.

The county executive office released a statement claiming it’s the board’s position but not the counties…yet.

The Sheriff of Macomb County, Michigan Anthony M. Wickersham said that he will support the people in the county right to bear arms. Before the resolution comes to a vote the board and the Sheriff need to meet to hammer out some details.

Officials in Macomb County are taking a stand and sending a message to their state legislator that they need to think twice before they try to pull something as Democrats did in Virginia.

Last election cycle Democrat primary presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg dumped millions of dollars into Democrats campaigning for the state legislator. In return for the money given by the billionaire, he wanted the state to pass sweeping gun laws. 

At this time Virginia is trying to pass some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, in a state that has a lot of gun advocates. Counties are taking a stand and declared themselves 2nd Amendment sanctuary counties with the support of their sheriffs.

The Attorney General of Virginia has promised to go after these counties. However, much to the disappointment of Virginia Democrats they were forced to drop SB 16 which was the bill that would have confiscated AR-15’s. Earlier this week the NRA flooded the Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee and the bill did not make it out of committee scoring a big win for gun rights advocates.

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