Man Involved In Shooting Near NYC Park

We’ve got a wild story out of New York City, where chaos erupted in Washington Square Park following the Pride Parade on Sunday. The aftermath was filled with multiple brawls and unruly behavior, leaving police struggling to regain control. Let’s dive into the details.

Shocking footage from the scene shows a series of fistfights and hair-pulling as revelers turn the park into a battleground. Onlookers watch in excitement, and many record the chaotic events. In one clip, two young men exchange blows until one falls to the ground, while in another, two women briefly fight before bystanders intervene.

One particularly violent altercation involved a woman with dried blood on her face and shirt, fighting with another woman as the crowd cheered. Additional clashes included a woman being pushed off the park’s iconic water fountain and another being dragged by her hair by a fellow brawler.

When there wasn’t violence, there were plenty of R-rated antics. Videos show women twerking on a white vehicle and someone grinding against a light pole they climbed. The NYPD tried to control the crowd by putting up barricades, but some revelers rushed toward them, causing further disorder.

As night fell, the NYPD announced the park’s closure over loudspeakers, leading to arguments between officers and park-goers. It remains unclear if any arrests were made due to the fighting, but a 20-year-old man was hospitalized after being shot near the park around 2 a.m. as police cleared the area.

The day’s chaos followed New York City’s 54th Pride Parade, a celebration of LGBTQ rights. During the festivities, anti-Israel protesters briefly blocked the march before being arrested near the historic Stonewall Inn. In total, 22 people were arrested during the protest, with most released after receiving desk appearance tickets.

Mayor Eric Adams praised the NYPD’s efforts to manage the situation, noting the officers’ discipline. He mentioned that about 15,000 people were in the park, and officers used necessary barriers to ensure the festivities ended without major disruption.