MIT Study Shreds COVID ‘Experts’ Guidance, Fauci & Biden Hardest Hit

MIT researchers just released a study that debunked COVID “experts” guidance and is giving recommendations that would actually work. 

According to the study, social distancing does very little to prevent COVID-19 indoors and outdoor mask mandates are ludicrous. 

For over a year we’ve been told that we must remain six feet away from each other to limit our exposure to COVID-19. However, a MIT study found that ventilation or filtration was one of the most important factors in stopping the spread.

The six foot rule is used around the world and it was the recommended minimum distance established by the World Health Organization. In contrast the MIT study found that in certain cases indoor exposure level might be the same at 60 feet as it is at 6 feet. 

“The distancing isn’t helping you that much, and it’s also giving you a false sense of security because you’re as safe at 6 feet as you are at 60 feet if you’re indoors. Everyone in that space is at roughly the same risk, actually,” Bazant told CNBC.

Studies have found that the virus floats around on lighter aerosol droplets that stay suspended in the air and when indoors can travel far. 

The good news is researchers found that transmission is reduce in environments in which there is good ventilation/filtration because the virus particles are circulated out of the room. 

One of the authors of the study called outdoor COVID restrictions “kind of crazy,” because the infected air “would be swept away.” 

Researchers found that wearing a mask outside is not necessary unless people are crammed into a tight area. 

The report is released as Biden announces that vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks outside, which is ludicrous because “science” has proven no one needs to wear masks outside. 

It has also been four weeks since Texas eliminated their mask mandate and the sky still hasn’t fallen.

Business Insider