More 1/6 Committee Fallout: Rep. Raskin Squirms Like A Worm (VIDEO)

Steeringwhellgate is falling apart before the Democrat’s eyes and now leftists are squirming.

Earlier this week the January 6th Committee promised “explosive testimony” which included the origins of what is now being called steeringwheelgate. The networks were all over it broadcasting it live.

Just hours after the “explosive testimony” the entire narrative started to fall apart. We also learned that the Secret Service wasn’t even asked to confirm Cassidy Hutchinson’s claims. By the next morning, Democrats were claiming that the former aid to Trump’s Chief of Staff’s testimony about the “steering wheel didn’t matter.”

Rep. Raskin (D-MD) knew that the committee decided not to try and corroborate Hutchinson’s claims and thought they would get away with airing it.

After the hearing, Rep. Jamie Raskin appeared on CNN with Jake Tapper who engaged in another random act of journalism and made the congressman squirm.

News has also broken exposing another alleged fabrication made by Hutchinson. Hutchinson testified under oath that White House counsel Pat Cipollone told her to advise her boss, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows not to allow Trump anywhere near the Capitol on 1/6.

Hutchinson testified that Cipollone said, “We’re going to get charged with every crime imaginable,” if Trump went to the Capitol.

However, a recent report discovered that Cipollone was not in the building when the conversation was supposed to have taken place.

The Democrats just jumped the shark and they know it.