More Dem Shenanigans: New Judge Puts Maricopa County Ballot Audit In Jeopardy

Last week, the Democrat party sent 73 lawyers to Maricopa County to try and stop a ballot audit of the 2020 presidential election. Republicans in Arizona have said from the beginning that the purpose of the audit is to restore faith in the electoral process and not to overturn the election. After all, if there was no impactful voter fraud in the county Democrats should welcome the audit and not want to stop it.

Democrats sued to stop the audit but refused to pony up the money to pause the audit however, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Christopher Coury recused himself after one of his externs is now representing the firm that is conducting the audit.

Democrat lawyers claimed that the firm Cyber Ninjas is violating the states election security laws however presented no evidence nor would they pay a $1 million bond to stop the audit.

Maricopa County has now selected Superior Court Judge Daniel Martin to oversee the case and the audit is in jeopardy.

“I will share with you all, I am not yet persuaded that there has been a showing that the rights of the voters in Maricopa County are being projected,” Martin said during a lengthy hearing on Tuesday. “And I think we will touch on this tomorrow when we address the policies and procedures and whether or not they can be withheld from public view.”

Republican Senate President Karen Fann’s attorney, Kory Langhofer, said that there is no doubt that auditors are following the law and that the audit is not an official recount that can change the election. Langhofer also reiterated that each and every ballot is anonymous so it would be impossible for a voter to be identified.

“Which voter is having their right to vote thrown away?” Langhofer said. “Joe Biden is going to be the president at the end of this audit. Mark Kelly is going to be a senator at the end of this audit. This isn’t changing the effect of anyone’s vote.”

By putting up such a strong opposition to the audit Democrats are creating even more speculation that some dirty dealing may have occurred during the 2020 presidential election in Maricopa County.

During the 2016 election Republicans had no problems auditing election results when Democrats claimed foul play, what are they so worried about now?