More Signs Biden & The Dems Are In Trouble, Hollywood Celebs Announce A Huge 180 On Voting

There are more signs that former Vice President Joe Biden and the Democrats are in trouble, Hollywood celebrities are doing a 180 about voting.

Celebrities like Eva Longoria, Michelle Williams, and Emmy winner Uzo Aduba are urging people not to vote by mail. That’s right, after months of telling Americans to vote by mail, celebrities are asking Democrats to vote in person or submit an absentee ballot.

An Instagram video was recently released giving people a 50-second tutorial on how to vote in person, especially if one is “worried about long lines and in-person voter intimidation.” The celebrities also warned people of “in-person voter intimidation” but didn’t get into specifics over what that meant.


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If you’re feeling worried, don’t be! We have four words for you: EARLY VOTING IN PERSON. @AmberRoseTamblyn and @TheEarlyVote along with friends @UzoAduba, @EvaLongoria, and Michelle Williams explain. TODAY’S ACTION: Want all the details on how and where to vote early and in person where you live? Check out the link in our bio or visit #30DaysTillTomorrow #VoteWithUs ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Writer/Director: @AmberRoseTamblyn • Editor: Paul Frank • Finishing Editor: @JessicaGidal • Music: @EmilyWellsmusic • Creative Producer: Marjan Tehrani (@trufilmsmovesyou) • Managing Producer: Rebecca Halperin (@BecHalp) • Howling: An untrustworthy animal who shall remain nameless

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“The most effective way to vote in this election is to vote early and in-person,” the stars said. “It’s the best way to ensure that your vote is received and counted on time.”

Eva Longoria was the host for the first night of the train wreck known as the Democratic National Convention in August. The former sex symbol and Desperate Housewives star attacked President Trump several times and claimed the President has “left us as a nation diminished and divided.”

Actress, Amber Tamblyn who directed the video has also raised funds for NARAL, a pro-abortion group.

So what changed?

I thought Joe Biden was up by 100% points in the polls and vote by mail would carry Democrats to victory?

What changed was Democrat voters aren’t smart enough to follow the directions to vote by mail. This has caused a large number of mail-in ballots to be rejected. The State of California had to tell people to stop disinfecting their ballots because it was “spoiling” them.

In Pennsylvania, over 370,000 requests for mail-in ballots were rejected because people had requested a ballot more than once. The state claims that happened due to the confusing language on the ballot and the requests were an accident. Whatever the reason, there are 370,000 people that won’t get a mail-in ballot and probably won’t vote. The data is telling us that most of those 370,000 people are Democrats which is bad news for Biden.

Another problem Democrats have is early voting is showing that Republicans are either keeping pace with Democrats or beating Democrats in key battleground states.

In a close election and the risk of mail-in ballots being rejected at a higher rate than voting absentee ballots, Democrats are starting to scramble.

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