MSNBC co-host Donny Deutsch Scared About ‘Bloodbath’ for Democrats – Watch

MSNBC co-host Donny Deutsch is bringing some reality to his leftist comrades on the network. He said that he is “really scared” that the midterm elections were going to be a “bloodbath” for the Democratic Party.

Deutsch made the comments during the Thursday “Morning Joe” program. There are more polls now showing that Democrats are likely to lose control of the U.S. House of Representatives to Republicans and some of them are now predicting the fall of the Senate. Deutsch and the show’s hosts were talking about how economic turmoil is pushing more people against Democrats.

“And then you see a woman who’s raising four kids on 400 bucks a week, and you go, ‘nothing else matters to her,’ there’s no argument other than, other than, ‘guess what we’re going to figure out a way to make bread more affordable to you, I mean, you know when its about survival, when it’s about these issues, that they can’t live,” Deutsch said.

“And you can scare them and say, ‘it could get worse, they could take your healthcare away,’ I mean that’s a strategy to go but you know, if she is representative of a big part of the populace and she is, and now let’s even factor in people who have seen their IRAs, not a woman like that necessarily, but who have seen their IRAs going down by 20%-25%, it’s really tough and I’ve come on this show and talked a lot about it that you got to scare people about the Republicans that are crazy people. But even when the pending crazy when you can’t afford to buy the stuff that were you able to buy a year or two or three years ago, it’s tough tough sledding,” Deutsch added.

“I hate to be a negative ninny over here,” he concluded. “But I am really scared about a bloodbath in ten days from now.”

How is that for some reality?