MSNBC Host Explodes Over Trump Visiting a Cuban Restaurant – Watch

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace threw a fit on air on Thursday after former President Donald Trump visited a Cuban restaurant in Miami.

Trump was in Miami for a rally, and he stopped by Versailles Restaurant for a meal. The restaurant is a popular spot for Cuban exiles.

Trump met with supporters inside the restaurant and said he was going to pay for everyone’s meals. Supporters also gathered around and prayed for him.

Wallace, a former White House communications director for President George W. Bush, was one of the most vocal critics of Trump’s visit. She called it a “disgrace” and said that Trump was “mocking” Cuban exiles.

“I want to explain the picture on our screen. Trump has gone to really a famous place all Republican candidates, actually probably democratic candidates go as well, it’s Versailles, it’s in Little Havana in the Miami area. He’s still a candidate for president. That’s the picture over your brilliant words, we don’t need to see that anymore, we know where he is,” Wallace said describing the scene.

It was not just people at MSNBC who took issue with airing Trump’s visit, CNN anchor Jake Tapper said in response to the scene, “I don’t need to see any more of that. He’s trying to turn it into a spectacle and into a campaign ad. That is enough of that. We’ve seen it already.”

Wallace’s comments were met with criticism from some viewers, who accused her of being hypocritical. They pointed out that Wallace has been a vocal critic of President Joe Biden’s handling of the Cuban government.

“Nicolle Wallace is so upset that Trump went to a Cuban restaurant,” one viewer tweeted. “But she’s perfectly fine with Biden sending billions of dollars to the Cuban government.”

You can see this fiasco for yourself in the clip below.