MSNBC HQ Building Dealing With Bed Bugs

The left-leaning, socialist stronghold known as MSNBC is in chaos after reports of bed bugs infesting their Manhattan headquarters. That’s right, folks, the liberal media’s coverage was interrupted by some pesky bugs that even Rachel Maddow couldn’t spin in their favor.

The memo, obtained exclusively by The Post, reveals that the so-called “unidentified insect” was discovered in their recently renovated studio 3A.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the irony. The same network that preaches open borders and welcomes anyone and everyone into our country is unable to keep out a tiny, little insect. Maybe they should try building a wall around their studio.

The employees of MSNBC were forced to flee their studios in search of somewhere else to report their agendas. I can’t imagine the fear they must have felt when they saw these bugs crawling around their precious teleprompters. It’s almost as if nature itself is rejecting their left-wing ideology.

“They are scrambling,” an NBC source told The Post on Monday. “They’ve already been borrowing an unused local studio for some shows in recent weeks. So studio space is tight.”

According to sources, the studios were exterminated and the anchors have returned to their desks and will be broadcasting from their main studio for the Super Tuesday coverage.

“An environmental K-9 detection team will ensure the remediation efforts were complete and will take an extra pass, through extended areas of newsrooms [on the third floor],” the memo said.

Maybe it’s time for MSNBC to clean house, both literally and metaphorically. And if they need any help finding some conservative values, I’m sure there are plenty willing to lend a hand.

New York Post