MSNBC Legal Analyst Comments On Willis Hearing

A bombshell revelation came out this morning that could effectively end the case against Trump. In light of this information, MSNBC legal analyst Caroline Polisi believes that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ case is dead in the water.

Polisi points to a testimony from a former Fulton County DA employee who revealed that Willis was romantically involved with her hand-selected special prosecutor Nathan Wade much earlier than she had admitted to the court.

This revelation directly contradicts the sworn statements from Willis and Wade, who have both claimed that their relationship began in 2022. Polisi believes that if this is true, it would be a huge blow to the case and to Willis’ credibility.

Polisi goes on to explain that if Willis gave a false statement to the court, she could face serious consequences, including a $1,000 fine and up to 5 years in jail. Furthermore, if Willis is disqualified from the case, her entire office would be disqualified and the case would have to be reassigned, effectively killing it.

“Willis will be disqualified, which means her entire office is disqualified, which means the case will have to be re-assigned and languish with the PAC of Georgia, effectively killing the case. Her credibility is completely shot,” she said.

This new information has caused quite a stir in the legal world and has many questioning the future of the case against Trump. Willis and Wade could potentially face serious consequences if they are found to have lied to the court about the timeline of their relationship.

In light of this development, many are wondering what the next steps will be and if the case against Trump will proceed at all. It’s clear that this revelation has dealt a major blow to the credibility of the district attorney’s office and could have significant implications for the case.