MSNBC Pundit Just Made This Disgusting Comment About Lauren Boebert – Watch

No one knows for sure if Lauren Boebert is going to win her re-election bid in Colorado, but she has executed a stunning comeback to come within 100 votes of the win against her challenger. It is up in the air whether there are enough votes left to be counted to put her over the top. 

Some have said that most of the votes left to count are military and election-day provisional ballots. If that is the case, she likely wins. But if there are still a bunch of mail-in ballots from Pueblo County, she will probably lose. But the race is still too close to call.

The unknown has not kept liberal media folks from expressing their joy at her possible defeat. One of those from that side is Kurt Bardella, a former Republican strategist who now has found a home on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show. That’s probably enough said about the caliber of person he is.

Bardella made the “hilarious” suggestion that when Boebert loses, she can open an “OnlyFans” account. What he means by that is that Boebert is very attractive and the only other job she could get after her political career would be doing porn. 

That comment says more about Bardella than it does about Boebert. You just need to take one look at the guy to see that he probably doesn’t know how to talk about women without being misogynistic. Why did his mind go directly to “OnlyFans?” It tells you something about the man. 

He’s another example of how vicious the left can be. He is a grown man talking like a 13-year-old boy about a woman he has never met.

But maybe the worst part about this story is that Joy Reid and Claire McCaskill both just smiled and did not even attempt to push back on the show. If a Republican had said something like this about a Democratic woman, they would have been all over it.