MSNBC Says Americans May Only Have 2 Meals Instead Of 3 But ‘Calm Down And Back Off’

An MSNBC guest tried to downplay inflation claiming that Americans are just whining about inflation and that they need to “calm down and back off.”

The guest (like most liberals made no sense), she admitted that the inflation rate is hurting people to the point where they may only be getting “two meals instead of three.” But added “There is a great deal of Americans where it is uncomfortable that they’re spending more, but they are not gonna go under. You’ve got to stop complaining … you still have your job … so I’m gonna need you to calm down and back off.”

So according to MSNBC’s logic people in America are going hungry but we should stop complaining about how high inflation is.

Joe’s wording is starting to get troublesome too. Biden’s rhetoric has all the makings of him making an emergency declaration to take over the oil and gas industry.

Just listen to the clip below, he claims we are at war.

Joe’s big problem is that nobody believes him.

In the clip below notice Energy Secretary Grandholm mentions that the main reason for high gas is because of stalled refinery production but only talks about Putin and Ukraine.

No matter what the Biden administration says, gas will not go down until Biden lets the oil industry in the USA do what they do best.