MSNBC’s Brzenzinski Grunts And Screams, Smears Walmart Shoppers To Defend Dem ‘Super Spreader Event’

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski stoked the culture war and slurred Walmart shoppers trying to defend Texas Democrats that have caused a “super spreader event.”

During a segment Brzezinski went on an unhinged rant blaming unvaccinated Americans for infecting five Texas Democrats that fled to DC.

“But the delta variant and the vaccinated are being impacted by this new variant,” Brzezinski said. “And those who are unvaccinated who are allowing this virus to really fester through the country. People who have been responsible and gotten their vaccines are now being stricken!”

Right, it’s not the fault of the Democrats it’s the fault of those peasants who refuse to take the vaccine.

She continued and started grunting and yelling at the camera:

“Yeah, and what’s frustrating here is that — I’ll just say it, we’re going to end up going back to masking. And that’s going to be a huge political issue. We’re going to have people fighting in Walmarts about whether or not they have to wear their masks, or on planes. We already are, we still are, but we’re going to have to go back to masking.”

“And the reason we’re going to have to go back to it [shouts at camera] is because of the unvaccinated! Because they’re allowing the variants into this country and they’re getting the vaccinated people sick. And the only way to keep it from passing person to person, [shouts loudly] if you’re not going to get a vaccine, is to wear a mask! [Grunts in frustration] Uhh!”

What we are witnessing is the collapse of a narrative that scares them to death. Notice the tone in Brzezinski’s voice when she said, “But the delta variant and the vaccinated are being impacted by this new variant.”

It’s not the Democrats who violated their precious protocols fault, or the possibility the vaccine may not be all it was cracked up to be, it’s the pesky Walmart shoppers who refuse to be vaccinated who are at fault.