MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Wants Trump Supporters To Attend Classes After Biden Wins

Democrats and the media believe that Biden is going to win and when he does MSNBC’s Chris Hayes believes there is only one way to “deal with these people.”

Matt Schlapp, Chairman of the American Conservative Union was commenting on a post from NBC News presidential historian, Michael Beschloss complaining the President was putting the Secret Service at risk during his drive-by. Schlapp was sarcastically commenting on Beschloss whining claiming that if the President is wearing a mask what’s the big deal.

Well, that comment infuriated MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and he fired back, “The most humane and reasonable way to deal with all these people if we survive this, is some kind of truth and reconciliation commission.”

Those that responded to Hayes said the commission should include “classes” and “Nuremberg” trials.

Conservative pollster, Ryan Gurdusky half-jokingly posted, “see you all at the re-education camp.”

Chris Hayes also posted that the President’s behavior has a “soviet feel.”

Hayes believes that Republicans don’t care about life, which is funny considering he is pro-abortion.

The left hatred for conservatives is becoming very dangerous.