MSNBC’s O’Donnell Calls Senate ‘Anti-Democratic’ Then Gets taught A lesson

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell was called out after his rant on TV calling the United State Senate an “anti-democratic” institution.

Conservative talk radio host, Mark Levin very publicly have O’Donnell a history lesson. Progressives think that the worst thing they can call someone – or an institution – is “anti-democratic.” They think when they say “anti-democratic” they are calling someone “fascist” or “authoritarian.”

Of course, that is part of the lies the mainstream media like to spread, America had never been a democracy, it has always been a constitutional republic. The Founders were very explicit in making sure the country was not a full-blown democracy because they felt it was dangerous.

Levin explained on his show that the Senate was originally supposed to protect the interests of each state:

The 17th amendment” was, Levin explained, a “disaster.” Back in the day, if an attorney general from a state took a specific position, the state’s senator would follow suit in the Senate (which would’ve shot down ObamaCare). Now, however, senators can do as they darn well please. This “democratization” has severely weakened the American system.

“They wanted to set up a government,” Levin said about the Founding Fathers, “that would protect us from tyranny; from as many forms as tyranny as they could think of. Whether it was centralized monarchical-type tyranny or it’s one branch overpowering another branch, but they certainly didn’t support democracy, little ‘d’ democracy. They weren’t populists. They weren’t democrats. They were constitutionalists. There is a huge difference.”

“What does the Declaration stand for?” he asked rhetorically. “Democracy? Unalienable rights. How do we protect your God-given natural rights: to life, to liberty, to private property, to defend yourself. How do we protect that?”

“You don’t protect [those unalienable rights] by pure democracy. In a democracy, 51% of the people can vote to kill the other 49% just because they dare hold different political views — which is basically what happened in France, by the way. The framers wanted to prevent that from happening… and knew that this is where pure democracy can lead to. This is why they designed the system the way they did.”

As Levin put it O’Donnell doesn’t care he’s just pushing Democrat Party talking points and as Levin put it, “this guy is a diabolical idiot.”

The video is in two parts below, Levin is one of the best at breaking down the constitution…

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