Mueller’s Marquee Indictment Just Got Nuked In Court

While we focus on the coronavirus virus in some areas federal court is still in session and one of Mueller’s key cases was just dismissed with prejudice.

Doing Mueller investigation they came down with several indictments, most were process crimes claiming some lied to the FBI. People like Michael Flynn and Roger Stone were victims of these bogus process crimes.

But, there was one case that the Mueller investigation discovered that they claimed was not a waste of time. The case had to do with a Russian company called “Concord.” Mueller claimed that the company was a front that was engaged in a full-scale information war during the 2016 election. The basis of the case was to prove that was involved in “election interference” for two years we heard about this and the media claimed this case vindicated their reporting.

It appears that they were one hundred percent wrong. The case was dismissed with extreme prejudice.

It’s already been proven that the Mueller case was a total waste of time but, this seals the deal.

Mueller’s marquee case was a total flop.