Musk and Trump Weigh in on McCarthy – You’ve Got to See This

Twitter CEO and Billionaire businessman Elon Musk have some things to say about who he thinks the GOP should elect as the next Speaker of the House.

Here’s some background, in August, Musk attended a political retreat that was hosted by McCarthy in Jackson, Wyoming. 

Axios reported about the retreat, “Musk offered a robust defense of capitalism in addition to some political advice at House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s annual donor retreat in Jackson, where the billionaire CEO of Tesla was a personal guest of McCarthy’s.”

The news agency also noted that McCarthy had built a relationship with Musk for more than a decade and he referred to Musk as the “Thomas Edison of our time” because of building companies like Tesla and SpaceX.

After 7 votes, McCarthy failed to get the 218 votes necessary to hold the Speaker’s gavel. It remains to be seen if Musk’s present endorsement will make any difference in the ongoing votes. 

Musk isn’t the only rich businessman to enter into the discussion. Former President Donald Trump also spoke out in favor of McCarthy this week. He said that progress was being made and “good things” were happening behind the scenes for the Republican Party. Trump said the negotiations were being discussed by “GREAT and PATRIOTIC” people, and that they love the country. 

Trump believes that this will end up making the Republican Party stronger and more united. 

The negotiations that Trump is referring to have to do with concessions that McCarthy is making to get to the finish line. The critics of those who oppose McCarthy like the House Freedom Caucus aren’t making specific demands. But opponents like Rep. Chip Roy from Texas believe the demands have been clear and there has been a willingness to be flexible. 

It’s not clear whether Musk’s or Trump’s endorsement will clear the way for McCarthy to get the needed votes.