Musk Brings Twitter the Kitchen Sink…Literally! Watch

Back and forth, up and down, in and out, that has been the storyline with Elon Musk and Twitter over the last year. But it finally happened, after months of legal battles and numbers being questioned, not to mention protests from progressives on the left, Telsa/SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has now trotted into the 

Twitter building for the first time as the company’s new owner. 

And he did it with some tongue in cheek, Musk literally brought the kitchen sink with him.

Must have held on line on making Twitter a place where people can say what they wish to say without fear of censorship. He also has promised to release those who do not deserve shadowbans from the platform.

Musk has also let it be known that he plans to lay off 75 percent of Twitter’s workforce. That sounds really bad unless you come to terms with just how useless many of the employees are at the top-heavy company. Many of the staff take off months at a time for vacation and some take a large amount of time off for “mental health.” 

There is also the fact that many of these same employees believed that people should be silenced if their beliefs did not fall inside of the approved leftist stands. They have already identified themselves with protests over Musk allowing free speech and open expression on their platform.

Musk’s position is that Twitter is the “de facto town square” and should be seen as such. It should be a place for free speech which is integral to the health of a civilized nation.

Many people agree with Musk and believe it is far past the time for social media to become something greater than what it is. Now that Musk is in control, he is releasing even more plans for the future of Twitter. We can look forward to Twitter becoming profitable, and not just for the CEO.