Biden Is His Own Worst Enemy: Admin Stumbles To Explain Another Vaccine Debacle (VIDEO)

Even the mainstream media admits the Biden-Harris Administration are becoming their own worst enemy and that they are blowing the vaccination drive.

If the goal is to get as many people vaccinated as possible the Biden team isn’t doing a great job. During a press briefing earlier this week, Press Secretary Psaki admitted they aren’t doing the best job.

New York Magazine reporter, Olivia Nuzzi asked Psaki if the optics of White House Staff wearing masks and claiming things won’t be back to normal despite vaccination is having a negative effect on getting people vaccinated. Psaki relented that the White House has not had the best messaging to convince people to get the vaccine.

Nuzzi isn’t wrong, if the vaccine works, they why are the administration officials still wearing masks? Why can’t people safely go out to eat? Nuzzi isn’t the only member of the mainstream media admitting that administration is their own worse enemy.

Tim Carney, from the Washington Examiner made some very reasonable observations that others in the media are picking up on. Like, school closures, limiting churches, and lock downs the vaccine is a mitigation effort that has risks. If the White House is pausing the Johnson & Johnson vaccine because of a 1 in 7 million chance of a blood clot then other forms of mitigation (like lock downs) should immediately be suspended as well because their consequences.

Liberals, pollster Nate Silver are also starting to point out the panic porn coming from administration experts like Fauci’s buddy Dr. Mike Osterholm.

I’m no fan of Nate Silver but he is 100% right.

You can’t expect people to get vaccinated if you don’t give them an incentive to do it. Fauci telling people they can’t eat indoors and still must wear two masks even though they are vaccinated doesn’t exactly instill confidence.

Like we eluded to yesterday Biden’s policies are already imploding.