WATCH: NBC News Deceptively Edits Columbus 911 Call & Leaves Out Key Section Of BodyCam Video

In their report of the woman shot by police after she allegedly tried to stab some one NBC was caught deceptively editing the video and audio of the 911 call.

In contrast both CBS and ABC shared the important part of the call of an attempted stabbing. Unlike NBC, both news organization showed and highlighted the knife in the attackers hand.

Instead of following the facts, NBC didnt’ show the knife in the attackers hand but rather it on the ground next to her body after she was shot by police.

The very clear cut video of the incident didn’t stop the left from attacking the police officer who saved a woman’s life. Below are comments from a leading member of a defund the police organization and Valerie Jarrett.

However, their incite seems to have made the propaganda insiders of the Democrat Party seemed worried that their mindless drones were going too far so they’ve started running segments like the one below on CNN.

They know they’ve jumped the shark but the far left can’t help themselves.