NBC News Gets Caught Red Handed Editing Video Confrontation W/GOP Congressional Leaders

NBC News got caught red-handed deceitfully editing a confrontation between one of their reporters and Republican congressman.

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) was confronted by NBC News reporter Heidi Przybyla and every time Zeldin would try to answer her question about the Senate impeachment trial she would cut him off.

Zeldin said, “This NBC reporter interrupted us at least 20-25 times. It was obvious she was only looking to disrupt and be a story rather than report a story. She could care less what we had to say to answer her question.”

NBC News tweeted out the exchange except they selectively edited the footage to make it look like Republican Congressman were dodging her tough questions. The caption on the tweet was “WATCH: [Heidi Przybyla] presses Reps. Zeldin, Stefanik and Johnson during a tense exchange about her tough questioning style on a question about corruption in Ukraine as it relates to the Senate impeachment trial.”

Here’s the edited video NBC News posted:

Zeldin did respond on Twitter and wrote, “Aside from @HeidiNBC ‘s 20-25+ interruptions (DC press record?), you have to love @NBCPolitics then cutting out our answers re what Zelensky & his team were doing to fight Ukraine corruption after May 19. @RepStefanik @RepMikeJohnson”

Zeldin then linked a video that shows the complete exchange without any deceptive edits unmasking the fake news NBC created. Matter of fact, what you don’t see is Rep. Elise Stefanik who was also present take on and shut down the Przybyla. 

Here is the full video without any deceptive edits, the exchange starts when the congressman is finished talking, you’ll have to move the video forward, Rep. Stefanik shutting Przybyla is toward the end. Since NBC edited their footage we wanted to post the full video in context to highlight their deception.

If there was any doubt the media has now turned into the full-blown propaganda wing of the Democrat Party.

Daily Wire