NBC News Reporter Deletes Tweet After Hateful Comments About Gun Rights Supporters In Virginia

On Sunday NBC News reporter Ben Collins wanted everyone to know that he is in Virginia today covering a “white nationalist rally.” The rally he was referring to was the gun rights rally taking place in Richmond, Virginia, Collins was saying the peaceful gun rights advocates are racists.

Well, he took so much heat, he deleted the tweet.

Collins statements about gun rights supporters are very similar to other claims now being made by left-wing politicians and media outlets. The Washington Post, Michael Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action, and Virginia Governor Ralph Northam have all made similar statements.

Breitbart News Reported:

Moms Demand Action issued a release describing Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions as “lawless” and describing supporters of such resolutions as “gun extremists.”

Northam claimed “violent rhetoric” has been tied to the rally, although he did not give details about the rhetoric.

The Post previewed the rally by focusing on various self-declared militia members who are coming in from other states to attend the rally

Pay attention folks the media and Democrats are making an effort to label gun-rights advocates as “white nationalists.”

What’s good to know is that there are challengers to some of these swamp dwellers like Anna Paulina Luna who is a veteran, strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and working to unseat Democrat Charlie Crist.

Breitbart News