Netanyahu Comments On The ICC

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has strongly condemned the International Criminal Court (ICC) for targeting his country in its war against terrorists while ignoring the country behind the terrorists, Iran. The ICC has recently announced that it is preparing arrest warrants for top Israeli officials over their actions against Hamas, a well-known Islamic terrorist group backed by Iran.

Netanyahu boldly spoke out against the ICC’s actions, stating that international bodies like the ICC were created after the Holocaust to prevent future genocides. However, now the court is attempting to put Israel on trial for defending itself against genocidal terrorists and regimes, specifically Iran, which openly works towards the destruction of the Jewish state.

The Israeli Prime Minister also pointed out that branding Israel’s leaders and soldiers as war criminals would only fuel the fires of antisemitism that are already raging on campuses and throughout the world. He also emphasized that this move by the ICC would be an attack on all democratic countries that have the inherent right to defend themselves against terrorism and aggression.

In addition, Netanyahu noted that the ICC’s threat is not an attempt to enforce the law but rather an attempt to cripple Israel’s ability to defend itself. He reiterated that Israel has an independent legal system that thoroughly investigates all violations of the law and that the country is not even under the ICC’s jurisdiction.

The Israeli leader vehemently rejected the ICC’s actions, stating that they are a grave threat to the country’s existence. He assured the Israeli people that their government remains determined to achieve its goals in the war with Hamas, which include destroying their military and governing capabilities, freeing all hostages, and ensuring that Gaza can never pose a threat to Israel again.

Many countries, including the United States, Russia, China, and India, do not recognize the ICC. A Biden administration official has publicly stated that the US does not support the ICC’s investigation, as Israel is not under its jurisdiction.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has clarified that his country stands in defense of itself and will not be swayed by the ICC’s actions. He firmly believes that this is an attack on all democratic nations and their rights to defend themselves against violence and terrorism. The world must take notice and stand with Israel in the face of this unjust persecution from the ICC.