Newsom’s Comments Spark Debate With Speaker Of The House

It seems like President Biden is struggling to find a solution to the record numbers of migrants pouring into our country through the southern border.

After threatening to take executive action to address the crisis, Biden has now backed off that possibility.

The President initially indicated he might take matters into his own hands after a bipartisan Senate bill failed to gather enough support. After revoking dozens of Trump’s executive orders that had secured our border, it seems like Biden has yet to realize the error of his ways.

And who does Biden blame for the border bill’s failure? You guessed it – Republicans. Even though Democrats hold the majority in Congress, Biden has repeatedly pointed the finger at the GOP for playing partisan politics and hindering progress on this urgent national security issue.

But let’s set the record straight. The border crisis is a result of Biden’s own actions. By revoking Trump’s policies, he signaled to the world that our borders are again open for business. And boy, did they come. Nearly 7.3 million migrants have illegally crossed the southwest border since Biden took office – a number higher than the population of 36 individual states.

Instead of taking responsibility for his disastrous policies, Biden continued to pass the buck and demanded that Congress take action. It’s no wonder that Congress has failed to come to a bipartisan agreement – after all, it’s hard to find common ground when the President won’t even secure his own borders.

While Biden may claim that he is “helping” Congress, his inaction speaks louder than his words. He could have taken executive action to restrict migrants’ ability to claim asylum, but it seems like that plan has fallen by the wayside.

Gov. Newsom of California chimed in and blamed Congress yet again. However, Speaker Of The House, Mike Johnson, responded with an epic tweet.

Fox News