Nevada Dem Shenanigans Give Voters A Taste Of The November Games They Are Going To Play

Biden’s approval numbers are dropping as fast as the price of a gallon of gas is rising, which many believe will cause a Republican takeover in November. However, Democrats in Nevada are playing games hoping to get an edge.

A liberal PAC has been caught fronting as a conservative group to oppose Nevada gubernatorial candidate Joe Lombardo. Current Democrat Steve Sisolak is polling behind Lombardo, and the GOP primary hasn’t even taken place yet. The liberal group hopes to soil Lombardo with conservatives to drive down his numbers.

Democrats are also heavily involved in a Las Vegas race, and Townhall reports that they planted a mole.

From Townhall:

Democrats also are going to extremes in one crucial Las Vegas race. They apparently planted a Democrat mole in the Republican primary and are attempting to rig the local election board.

Clark County Commissioners are considered Nevada’s second-most powerful elected officials – behind only the governor.

According to Townhall, the Democrats are running an “ersatz Republican.”

Democrats seem to be running an ersatzRepublican in hopes of keeping the GOP nod from Johnson, a legitimate conservative.

The fake Republican is Jenna Waltho, 38. She lives with her parents and is an assistant manager at a retail store in a casino mall.

Waltho previously was appointed to the county planning commission by Democrat Clark County Commissioner Michael Naft, where she voted reliably with other Leftists. According to Nevada GOP records, Waltho never had registered as a Republican until late-summer 2021.

Before Waltho sanitized them, her social-media accounts found her posing for photos with Democrat state lawmakers, championing far-Left causes, vacationing with a porn actress named “Dandy Lil Dixie,” and championing mask mandates. She recently embraced a business-tax increase.

Waltho’s latest campaign-expense report shows that she received twice as many donations from Democrats and independents as Republicans. It also reveals that Waltho pays a company called Alchemy. Its owner, Ronni Council, previously served as Joe Biden’s Nevada director and was an advisor to Hillary Clinton.

As the midterms get close and Joe Biden drives the country into the ground, Democrats are getting desperate.