New Information In Corrupt Squad Member Investigation Could Be Her Demise

Since August 2019 Rep. Ilhan Omar has been under investigation by the Federal Election Commission, new information has come out that could spell the end of Omar’s political career in Congress.

This fall the freshman congresswoman was seen living “on and off” with her new boyfriend who is a Democrat consultant working for her campaign. This fall Omar and Tim Mynett were both seen several times entering and leaving a DC apartment separately.

Breitbart News reported:

Mynett, whose wife recently filed for divorce from the political strategist after he allegedly confessed his love for Omar, spent at least six nights with the Minnesota Democrat in September, according to the Mail‘s surveillance. Omar filed for divorce from Ahmed Hirsi, the father of her three children, in a Minnesota courthouse earlier this month.

At the time of the report it was reported that Omar’s campaign has paid Mynett $230,000 in consulting fees and travel expenses. This prompted the National Legal and Policy Center to file a complaint against Omar with the Federal Election Commission claiming that Omar is using campaign money to continue her relationship with Mynett.

“If Ilhan for Congress reimbursed Mynett’s LLC for travel so that Rep. Omar would have the benefit of Mynett’s romantic companionship, the expenditures must be considered personal in nature,” NLPC’s complaint reads.

The investigation is ongoing but fourth-quarter reports to the FEC show that Omar continues to funnel money to her boyfriend and from October 1st through December 31, 2019, she funneled another $215,000.

Omar’s committee reported bringing in $403,000 meaning a little over half of all the money brought in by Omar went to her “boy toy” with a total amount for 2019 being $525,000.

Omar refuses to answer any questions about her relationship with Mynett, and he has denied the relationship despite the two being seen together multiple times.

Omar is just another example of the corrupt Democrats in the House and with the FBI also investigating her for fraud her time as a US Congresswoman may be shortened.

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