New York Magazine Alters Piece Because It Was Too Humiliating To Biden, ‘Is At His Best When He’s Neither Speaking Nor Appearing In Public.’

New York Magazine released an article on May 1st that was utterly humiliating to former Vice President and presumptive Democrat presidential primary candidate, Joe Biden.

The piece opened up and said, “Joe Biden is at his best when he’s neither speaking nor appearing in public. Will his campaign have to abandon its most effective strategy?”

The sentence was in the first paragraph, the Biden camp must have complained because now it’s gone. I’m sure they did because liberal Zak Cheney-Rice ripped him for being a terrible candidate and wants other libs to dump him. He slams Democrats for wishing things would just go back to the way it was when Obama was President, reminding them that Obama is was created Trump to be elected in the first place. He also nailed Democrats for ignoring the other women that have come forward claiming Biden has assaulted them. I’m sure Rice is a Bernie guy but that didn’t stop me from enjoying this piece. Below is an excerpt, even the edited version is brutal.

“Joe Biden’s most effective campaign strategy has been to lie low and let people vote for whatever imagined version of Joe Biden congealed inside their heads.

More predictably, Biden proved to be an uninspiring spokesperson for himself, fumbling his words at times and cutting himself off mid-sentence, unprompted.

He proceeded to test voter goodwill at every turn. He reminisced fondly about working with segregationists, even as his record as a busing opponent, “tough on crime” zealot, and architect of punitive criminal-justice policy came under fire. He joked glibly about asking permission to touch his supporters, shortly after more than half a dozen women came forward with accounts of him touching them inappropriately. Perhaps most damning to the prospect of his running a presidential administration come January, to say nothing of four to eight years from now, the 77-year-old proved to be senescent, leaving thoughts unfinished in his public remarks, going off on tangents from which there was little hope of returning, and stumbling through debate appearances while his opponents ran roughshod over his stream of gaffes.

It doesn’t get better and I can’t even believe the magazine allowed him to publish the article. You can read the entire piece here.

The Left can censor Biden all they want we all know you can’t polish a turd.