New York Times Employees Defend the Left’s Policies, But Now They Have to Face Reality

The New York Times is faithful to defending the policies of the left, but they apparently don’t like them. Trouble between employees and the media giant and upper management hit crisis point as more than 1,300 employees of The Times refused to return to office life — even for as little as three days each week. 

They just don’t want to return to even a semblance of normalcy, like showing up to the office like a professional employee. They were supposed to come back this week, but an ongoing feud between union members and executives rose over pay and work expectations.  

More than 1,300 employees signed a pledge to refuse to return to the office and they cited inflation as one of the reasons why they can’t give up remote work. 

The wrote, “being forced to return to the office during a period of high inflation means workers will have to spend more money on gas, mass transit, clothing and lunches, despite the lack of salary increases,” according to Times employee Tom Coffey.

He is an active union member and he told The New York Post that if there wasn’t a salary increase to come back to the office, it amounted to a pay cut. 

The Times’ employees have for months been covering for President Joe Biden and his administration’s failures. And it seems now they have woken up to some reality that millions of Americans are facing every day. Real wages are down while the inflation their paper called “transitory” continues to increase each month. 

Remember, these employees were expected to spend just three days a week in the office. 

“We continue to believe that a hybrid work environment best suits the New York Times at this moment,” a spokesperson for the paper told The New York Post.

Maybe the New York Times should follow the example of CNN…they set their expectations, then they cleaned house.