Newsom Takes a Beating on Social Media for Hilarious Move Taxing Oil Companies – Watch

Gov. Gavin Newsom the wildly progressive governor of California, just had to announce an emergency session of the state legislature to deal with what he called the “greed of oil companies” that is causing record-high gas prices in his state. 

Newsom took a significant amount of some social media mockery because of this move. 

The governor tweeted, “I’m calling for a Special Session to address the greed of oil companies. Gas prices are too high. Time to enact a windfall profits tax directly on oil companies that are ripping you off at the pump.”

“Time to enact a windfall profits tax directly on oil companies that are ripping you off at the pump,” he said.

The national average for gasoline is about $3.89 according to the Automobile Association of America, while the average cost per gallon in California is $6.39. that’s 64% greater than the rest of the country.

Newsom took a beating online for saying that the state’s gas prices were high just because of greed.

“Gas prices in Florida are half the price in California. Why is it only California with $7 gas right now!” asked Christina Pushaw. She is the rapid response director for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R).

“Really strange how oil companies only get really greedy when they cross the California border,” read another popular response.

“Only an economically illiterate Democrat would think enacting yet another state tax on petroleum companies will bring about a decrease in gas prices LOL. You couldn’t make up this level of stupid if you tried,” responded another detractor.

“Gas prices are $3 less per gallon in Texas. I guess Texas uses different oil companies,” said another critic.

On the side of the country, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced a gas tax holiday that drove prices down lower in his state. A gallon of gas in Florida costs about $3.22, far lower than that in California.

I wonder which one would do better as president?