Newsom’s Wife Ends Debate

The highly anticipated Fox News debate between California Governor Gavin Newsom and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ended abruptly on Thursday night, with sources reporting that Newsom’s wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, intervened to end the debate.

After the first 90 minutes of the debate had concluded, moderator Sean Hannity offered to extend the debate, to which both candidates agreed. However, behind the scenes, the Newsom team was reportedly furious with the outcome and claimed that the debate was “rigged.”

Sources from the DeSantis campaign and an unaffiliated source reported that Jennifer Siebel Newsom entered the room during the break before the extended portion of the debate and said, “We’re done.” This move effectively ended the debate, leaving both candidates surprised and confused.

The reaction on social media to the first 90 minutes of the debate was largely positive for DeSantis and negative for Newsom, with many viewers praising DeSantis for his performance. It was during this break that Newsom’s team reportedly became concerned and felt the need to end the debate.

A spokesperson for the DeSantis campaign, Andrew Romeo, commented on the situation, stating, “Gavin Newsom got beat so badly last night his wife literally had to throw in the towel for him.” This statement prompted Newsom’s team to claim that both sides had agreed to end the debate, but the DeSantis team strongly pushed back, stating that DeSantis was prepared to potentially go for another hour.

The Newsom team also claimed that DeSantis had an unfair advantage during the debate, alleging that there was a teleprompter set up that allowed him to see the questions in advance. A Fox News spokesperson denied these claims, stating that there was no teleprompter and both candidates had equal opportunity to respond to the questions.

Additionally, Newsom’s team was reportedly angered by DeSantis’s use of props during the debate. He used printed images to showcase graphic material taught in California schools and a map of fecal matter found on the streets of San Francisco. However, a Fox News spokesperson clarified that candidates were never told they could not use props during the debate.

In the end, the abrupt end to the Fox News debate left viewers and both candidates surprised. It remains to be seen how this controversy will affect the outcome of the upcoming California recall election. It is clear, however, that tensions between the two campaigns have reached a boiling point.