Next Up After The Police Are Defunded, Drugs For Everyone! Says MSNBC Contributor & Civil Rights Leader

Toure, MSNBC contributor, and civil rights activist listed things that a “post-police future” will need to have and one of them was drugs for everyone.

Toure wrote that a post-police future must include the legalization of drugs, especially marijuana at the very least.

Toure even doubled down on making drugs illegal as he got into arguments with other nutty liberals that legal drugs will be too expensive.

Toure also believes we don’t need to have armed police officers 80% of the time:

“Don’t need armed officers showing up for 50-80% of calls, which are mental health or overdoses. Don’t need armed officers for driving traffic & parking enforcement, noise & nuisance complaints. Don’t need armed officers to investigate most crimes, from robberies to murder.”

Although if this post from Toure is any indication Joe Biden is going to have a hell of a time dealing with those on the far left as well.

According to Toure, it’s actually the police that creates the criminals, not thugs breaking the law.

This is your modern-day Democrat party. By the way, I’m showing all of these posts from Toure so you can see just what the heck we are dealing with.