NFL Giants Fans Go Crazy Over Empire State Building Colors – Take a Look

Some NFL Giants fans are having trouble “Loving New York.” And they certainly don’t have any “brotherly love” for the Philadelphia Eagles, just a few miles south.

Philly is having quite a year with their Phillies surprising everyone by going to the World Series and now the Eagles are on their way to the Super Bowl.

The “city that never sleeps” has kept their fans yawning without bringing home a championship since 2011 when the Giants beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI.

The city’s inability to win a championship is bad enough, especially when you consider how much the Yankees have spent over the last decade. And the beating the Giants just took by the Eagles would bruise even the strongest egos. 

But what New York City just did this weekend could be the final straw for some fans. 

After the Eagles beat down the San Francisco 49ers to clinch the 2022 NFC championship and another Super Bowl appearance, The Empire State Building was all lit up in Eagle green.

Needless to say, the football fans in Yonkers went a little bonkers. Some were asking, “What’s next? Are we going to put a Jalen Hurts jersey on Lady Liberty?”

One New York writer said that the city could pretend that the green was in honor of the New York Jets, “but that’s just mean,” he wrote. 

Some wondered if the light system was hacked, but it wasn’t. Others questioned if possible for an Eagles fan to work in the building and flipped the switch. 

It turns out the “Tower Lights Calendar” on the Empire State Building website showed the building would be in the colors of the winning teams of both the NFC and AFC Championship games on Jan. 29. 

Sure enough, eventually, the colors changed to red and yellow for the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Fans want that policy to change in the future. They want the building dark if not team from the city wins a championship. 

After all, do you think Philadelphia would go blue if the Giants won an NFC Championship? And what do you think Philly fans would do if they did?