No Shame: CNN’s Brian Stelter Sticks Up For AOC By Attacking Women Who Was Gang-Rape , ‘She Used To Be…’

Investigative Journalist and former CBS reporter Lara Logan was attacked by CNN’s Brian Stelter for pointing out that Rep. Alexandria Osacsio Cortez is a dangerous radical.

Lara Logan was viciously gang-raped while covering the Arab Spring in Egypt. Her assault was panned by the mainstream media because it made former President Obama look really bad. Logan was sodomized for 15 minutes and the media claimed she only touched inappropriately. Now CNN’s Brian Stelter is attacking her for daring to speak out against extremists Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

On Wednesday, Logan posted a video of AOC asking, “My question: who turned a bartender from NY into a mouthpiece for a radical agenda? Same people pulling the strings/behind Antifa & on the streets?”

In the video, AOC marginalizes communities claiming they have “no choice but to riot.”

Brian Stelter was furious that Logan who has been reporting on Anti and Left-wing extremists and attacked her.

Allow me to unload a bit, Brian Stelter does not leave the confines of his twitter feed and his CNN broadcast location. You will never see Brian Stelter reporting in the field or putting himself in harm’s way. Stelter is an annoying finger pointer quick to attack others and whine and complain. Lara Logan is a distinguished reporter Brian Stelter is an annoying, whiny, lying liberal.

You would never see Brian Stelter do something like this…

There’s a reason why Stelter is going after Logan, she has been calling out Antifa. When she and Andy Ngo exposed that Antifa was using a Sheraton hotel in Minneapolis as a base of operations the hotel evicted them.