North Carolina Democrat Jumps Across the Aisle and Now Look What Happens – Watch

Tricia Cotham, a North Carolina state representative just jumped across the political aisle and the Democratic Party is fuming. 

Cothan abandoned the Democrats on Wednesday and joined the GOP, at a press conference she explained why she switched parties. 

She said the Democratic Party “has become unrecognizable” and wants to “villainize anyone who has free thoughts.”

“If you don’t do exactly what the Democrats want you to do, they will try to bully you, they will try to cast you aside,” she said. “It became clear to me very early on in January that you better vote in line with what Gov. Cooper wants you to do.”

Cotham  went even further saying that she believes it is her responsibility as a lawmaker to “learn everything I can, to ask questions, to hear perspectives before deciding how to vote.” 

Then she claimed that her former party is afraid of people who think independently. “They don’t like what they can’t control.”

“I will not be controlled by anyone,” Cotham declared.

The state representative accused the Democratic Party of using intimidation and bully tactics any time a member steps out of line.

The nail in the coffin for Cotham came when she was criticized for using the American flag and “praying hands” emojis on social media. 

Here is one of the worst accusations that Cotham made, she said her opponents in the party have publicly accosted her and sent her children messages.

This move by Cotham gives the Republicans a supermajority in the North Carolina House of Representatives. So Republicans now have the power to override Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s vetos, because the state Senate is already veto-proof.

One of those opponents had this to say about Cotham’s decision, “deceit of the highest order” and a “betrayal” of North Carolinians. The party demanded that she immediately resign.