Not A Joke: Biden’s COVID Czar Demands States With Decreasing COVID Numbers Start Doing What States With Increasing Numbers Do (VIDEO)

White House COVID Czar Andy Slavitt, wants States that are seeing decreasing cases of the coronavirus to mimic the same policies of states that are seeing an increase of cases.

Slavitt claimed that states like Texas who terminated their mask mandate are “playing with fire.”

White House Czar made the comments to switch topics after CNN, in a random act of journalism pointed out the Biden administration lack to hold the WHO accountable.

The states of New York and New Jersey are seeing some of the highest rates of infection in the country and are imposing some of the strictest restrictions.

New Jersey has seen a 37% increase in infections over the last month and New York isn’t doing much better.

Meanwhile, states like Texas that dropped their mask mandate have seen a dramatic drop in daily cases.

Governor Abbott said the repeals were an effort to “restore livelihoods and normalcy” for state residents.

Two weeks later, it was the right call cases have dropped to the lowest levels in a year, below is a screen shot from the states COVID tracker.

States like Florida and Texas have faired better or had similar trends as states that locked down hard, proving that lockdowns were the wrong strategy.

If the Biden administration really wanted to fight the pandemic they would be considering implementing similar strategies that Texas and Florida have used. Instead Biden wants states to shut down and cease reopening.

For example, schools have stayed open in Florida but, due to the fear mongering by Dems Biden failed to get schools open in other states like he promised. Vice President Kamala recently let out a Hillary like cackle when questioned about schools reopening.

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