Not A Joke: CNN Takes A Page Right Out of The Cold War Communists Propaganda Playbook With This Biden Report. It’s Time to DEFUND The Media

Every week we had a newly created media scandal from the mainstream media however, now this passes as news.

Forget the fact that Biden and his family enriched themselves over the years, that Hunter Biden is a national security threat or the massive amount of voter fraud. What you really need to know is Joe Biden’s dog is the first shelter dog to live in the White House.

Oh, and don’t forget the cat.

No joke, CBS News reported it as “Breaking News.

This is literally like Chinese propaganda.

Meanwhile, the media couldn’t help but gaslight Americans over the weekend claiming that since you dared to celebrate Thanksgiving, we are all going to die.

However, the Trump administration is saying that as long as Democrats don’t screw it up, “40 million doses will be available throughout the month of December.”