Not A Joke: You Won’t Believe Were Ballots Magically Appeared In House Race Dems Are Trying To Steal

An investigation should be started immediately and criminal charges should be filed.

Many of you are familiar with New York 22nd District Congressional race.

Late last month we reported on Democrat Anthony Brindisi trailing his GOP challenger by 30,000 on election night:

On election night the Democrat running for NY-22 House seat, Anthony Brindisi was trailing by almost 30,000 votes to GOP challenger Claudia Tenney.

The race was close and ended up in the courts, here’s where things got real shady. Syracuse judge (Democrat), said he would personally “review” all of the spoiled ballots that had been rejected.

State Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte overruled the Democrat judge and has not filed a ruling on the election.

The case was back in court on Monday and during the hearing, Judge DelConte revealed that at least 12 more ballots had been “found” in a drawer in Chenango County, prior to the 55 uncounted early voting ballots mysteriously discovered last week.

The Observer-Dispatch reports:

In motions filed last week, Tenney’s legal team argued to certify the election results as they stand — giving the former congresswoman back her seat by just 12 votes. An unofficial final tally compiled Nov. 30 would be the basis for the certification, which Tenney led 155,492 votes to 155,480.