Swamp Cleaning: Trump Purges Other Obama Holdovers

The President didn’t stop with Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and former Ambassador Gordon Soundland and has just initiated a swamp purge taking care of other Obama holdovers.

President Trump is not only fulfilling one of his campaign promises, but he’s also purging the National Security Council (NSC) of all Obama holdovers.

NSC council officials have confirmed that President Trump and National Security Adviser Robert O’ Brien have cut 70 positions inherited from former President Barack Obama, who enlarged the NSC to 200 when he took office.

Of the 70 released many were personal that were loaned from other agencies, others have decided to retire.

The NSC, which is part of the president’s personal staff, has been responsible for several leaks including the “whistleblower” that started the impeachment hoax.

Last week, President Trump sent Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman packing as well as his twin brother. Vindman testified against President Trump saying that he did not like the phone call between the president and the new leader of Ukraine. It is believed that Vindman spoke with Eric Ciaramella, the alleged “whistleblower,” who then went to Schiff’s office and was told to go to the Inspector General.

O’Brien has reported that former President George W. Bush oversaw the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with only 100 NSC aides and the Trump Administration will be returning to that model.

Since becoming President, Trump has shrunk the sizes of staff that were much larger under previous administrations. 

Obama holdovers have been undermining this President since the day he took office and it’s good to see that President Trump is finally removing these people. All 70 should be investigated to see if they took part in the impeachment coup or any other leaks.

Washington Examiner