NRA Sweeps Into Virginia With An Amazing Giveaway To Defy Gov And To Try And Thwart Gun Ban

The NRA has swept into Virginia using a giveaway to defy Gov. Ralph Northam and is fighting against the democrats attempted gun grab.

In Richmond, the capital city of Virginia the NRA is taking the fight right to the state capitol and handing out 1,000 30-round magazines.

On Sunday night, the NRA tweeted that Magpul industries who is a well-known magazine and firearms accessory company gave them 1,000 magazines so they could be distributed to pro-Second Amendment Virginians.

The NRA asked its members around the state to “flood” into Virginia Senate meetings to make sure their pro-Second Amendment voices are not suppressed by those that want gun control.

Democrats in Virginia have proposed a number of anti-gun rights bill, one put forward by Delegate Mark Levine HB 961has received the most attention.

Levine’s bill bans “assault weapons,” high-capacity” magazines, specific triggers, and suppressors. The bill does offer the ability for gun owners to keep their “assault weapon” by applying for a license but, their names would then be put into a database.

Despite being able to retain their firearms owners of “high-capacity” magazines, suppressors and certain triggers will be forced to get rid of them. According to the bill, the owner of such devices will be given a grace period, after that they will face felony charges for possessing them.

Virginia has turned into ground zero in the struggle to keep our gun rights. Recently another Virginia Senator consistently called those supporting the 2nd Amendment in Virginia mentally challenged. During an interview, he doubled down on it and hinted at using Red Flag laws currently being debated in the Virginia legislator to take their firearms away.

Virginia Rep. Dave Marsden said, “[gun rights advocates] are very unstable people and this is worrisome. What I was telling people was that the responses from people who show the signs of having mental health difficulties.”

“They were disturbing and indicative of mental health issues among many 2a supporters,” he added.

“And what concerns me is that when we bring up red flag laws where someone who is showing mental instability and making an issue with the gun that they possess is that a number of folks in the 2 A community don’t want us to be able to address that person showing signs of mental distress who has a weapon and is making reference to using it,” Marsden concluded. 

You can listen to his comments in context here.

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