Despicable Nurses Unions In Pennsylvania Are Putting The Public At Risk During A Pandemic To Cash Out

Cases are spiking in the State of Pennsylvania and two Philadelphia area hospitals are bracing for at least 1,500 nurses to go on strike.

Nurses at Einstein Medical Center and St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children haven’t reached an agreement on contracts with their health groups. So naturally, they have decided to put the public at risk and go on strike.

They are represented by the Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals (PASNAP), who claims the strike is over “safety.”

In a statement, the PASNAP claimed nurses are striking over being “pushed to the brink by unsafe staffing that undermines patient safety,” according to a statement from PASNAP. The statement also said they would strike “to protect their patients and themselves.”

Maria Plano, a registered nurse at St. Christopher’s and vice president of the union told CNN that the hospital has reduced its staff below what’s acceptable to care for children.

Don’t you love it when liberals hacks use the “but the children” line?

Here’s what Plano isn’t telling you, one of the best and largest Children’s Hospital’s in the country is right down the street. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is a few miles down the road and is one of the largest children’s medical complexes in the country, they are probably putting St. Christopher’s (a very small hospital) out of business.

That’s not stopping greedy Nurse unions across the Keystone state. In Bucks County (to the east of Philadelphia) 800 nurses gave notice of a strike. In Delaware County (west of Philadelphia) nurses at Mercy Fitzgerald were planning on striking, however, recently reached a contract agreement.

Just like the teacher’s unions in the fall, nurses unions are using the pandemic to cash out and get as much power as possible.

Cases in Pennsylvania have continued to increase however, on Thursday the state reported 6,023 new cases. Health officials believe the state’s medical system can handle the spike and will not (for the time being) go back to another lockdown.

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