NYC Mayor Says Sanctuary Status is Breaking the City – Watch

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has admitted that the city’s sanctuary city policies are “breaking” them. Adams, who is a Democrat, said that the city is struggling to cope with the influx of illegal immigrants, many of whom are coming from Texas as part of Governor Greg Abbott’s busing program.

Adams said that the city is spending millions of dollars on housing, food, and medical care for illegal immigrants. He also said that the city is struggling to keep up with the demand for English classes and other services.

“We are at a breaking point,” Adams said. “We cannot continue to absorb this number of people without federal help.”

The latest issue deals with setting up a relief shelter in Queens despite community members say they do not want a shelter housing single adult males near a YMCA, elementary school, and playground. Hotels being used by the city for migrants are constantly at capacity and have had issues with migrants acting disorderly.

“We’ve run out of hotels. We’ve reached the bottom of the barrel. That’s where we are. We’re out of good options, we’re out of even OK options,” Deputy Mayor Fabian Levy said. “These are the only options left. And it’s a question of do you want people on the streets or do you want people sleeping on cots?”

City officials said the number of people coming from the southern border that New York City has to take care of has gone up from 15,000 to 60,000.

Adams’ comments are a major departure from the rhetoric of his predecessor, Bill de Blasio, who was a vocal supporter of sanctuary city policies. De Blasio argued that sanctuary cities were a moral imperative and that they helped to protect immigrants from deportation.

However, Adams’ comments reflect the growing frustration with sanctuary city policies among many New Yorkers. A recent poll found that 62% of New Yorkers believe that the city should cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

Source: Townhall