NYT Continues Critical Press on Biden Just Before Big Announcement: Watch

The New York Times is known for its liberal bias, but its coverage of President Joe Biden has been particularly scathing in recent weeks.

In the lead-up to Biden’s announcement on whether he will run for re-election, the Times has published a series of articles that paint a negative picture of the president.

One article, headlined “Biden’s Approval Rating Hits New Low,” reported that Biden’s approval rating had fallen to 38%, the lowest of his presidency.

Another article, headlined “Biden’s Agenda Stalls in Congress,” reported that Biden had failed to pass any major legislation since taking office.

And a third article, headlined “Biden’s Handling of the Economy Draws Criticism,” reported that Biden was facing increasing criticism for his handling of the economy.

The Times’ coverage of Biden has been so negative that some conservatives have accused the paper of trying to sabotage his re-election campaign.

“The Times is clearly trying to help the Republicans,” said one conservative commentator. “They’re doing everything they can to make Biden look bad.”

The Times has denied that it is trying to help the Republicans. But its coverage of Biden has certainly raised questions about its objectivity.

It is worth noting that the Times is not the only media outlet that has been critical of Biden. Other liberal media outlets, such as The Washington Post and CNN, have also published articles that have been critical of the president.

However, the Times’ coverage of Biden has been particularly scathing. And it is coming at a time when Biden is already facing an uphill battle in his re-election bid.

It remains to be seen whether the Times’ coverage of Biden will have an impact on his re-election chances. But it is certainly something that Biden’s campaign will need to be aware of.

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