NYT’s Reporter Gets Called Out By ‘Commoner’ Then Tries To Get Him Fired

A New York Times reporter was “triggered” by a direct message he received from one of us “commoners” so much that he decided to out him so the liberals wolves on twitter could attack him.

The reporter’s name is Michael Schmidt and he’s the guy that received most of the leaks from former disgraced FBI Director James Comey. He is also the “journalist” that was behind the “Bolton leak” that attempted to influence GOP Senators to vote for allowing witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump.

Luckily most senators know fake news when they see it and didn’t allow it to affect them. Schmidt no doubt frustrated that his attempts were thwarted was “triggered” by a direct message he claims to have received over the weekend and decided to out the guy.

The message bothered him that someone would dare question his credibility he posted a screenshot identifying the man, Vinny Marino, and his employer, Brown University. Marino messaged Schmidt, “You work for the NY Times credibility is an issue. You don’t want the truth. You just want to take down the President at all costs. If you wanted the truth you would investigate Joe Biden getting the Ukrainian prosecutor fired. That ACTUALLY happened. Shameful.”

Schmidt knowing what would happen when he posted the message and immediately, the “cancel culture” wanted Marino fired who is the offensive line coach for the football team at Brown University. Here are just a few tweets of many that want Marino fired. 

However a lot of people slammed Schmidt for putting Marino, after all, as Mollie Hemingway put it, Marino privately and professionally criticized Schmidt.

I really hope Brown University does not take any action not sure why they would Marino simply said his peace and very politely and privately. It is Schmidt who should be reprimanded by the times but his colleagues are probably applauding him. 

Red State