Obama Has A Serious Problem And He Has No Clue How To Stop It

As the Democrat 2020 presidential race continues to be the joke that it is former President Obama’s top enforcers are doing everything possible to take down Senator Bernie Sanders from not being the nominee.

Even though Obama has not supported Biden and has been working behind the scenes to help Senator Warran the Obama army wants to stop Sanders. Hanna Trudo writing for the Daily Beast says that Obama has spread out his officials to other campaigns and created an underground “NeverBernie” movement.

Trudo spoke with Obama operatives who admitted that Sanders is going to be a big player toward the end of the primary and that there isn’t much they can do to stop him. Despite the massive amount of cash and forward momentum in the polls, Obama people are praying he flames out on his own.

“Money is important but doesn’t always translate to votes,” Neera Tanden, who served as policy director for the Obama-Biden presidential campaign, told The Daily Beast. 

These experts claim that Sanders will always have money but think he’s going to be a “zombie candidate.”

These same experts also claimed a Hillary Clinton landslide as well. 

In 2016 Sanders captured 40% of the primary votes and only because Clinton fixed the election using her influence with superdelegates was able to capture the nomination.

Most of Sanders’s followers are sick and tired of the old guard of Democrat party politics. Don’t get me wrong they are absolutely crazy and will destroy this country but they will not vote for the old guard; just like last presidential election, people like the Bernie Bro’s will vote for Trump first.

One former Obama official, Dan Pfeiffer, did get it right saying that Sanders is being underestimated and could sweep IA, NH and NV. He’s is right in a recent Monmouth University national poll Sanders was only 5 points behind Biden among Democrats. Not only that but, Biden’s lead on Sanders in important states like New Hampshire and Iowa is even narrower.

Insiders have hinted that if it appeared Sanders would get the nomination that Obama would publicly campaign against him. Whatever happens, all signs look really good for President Trump to be re-elected. The Democrats have one of the worst presidential primary candidates in the modern era. To top it off if Bernie gets the nomination America will hate his policies and he doesn’t have a prayer. In the event Obama does speak out that will split the party and kill voter enthusiasm.

Obama and the Democrats have a problem and they are completely clueless, on that note they are just clueless period.

Daily Beast