Oh For Heavens Sakes! Biden Wants A Phone Call From Trump, Claims To Have More Experience

What universe is former Vice President Joe Biden living in?

During an interview on MSNBC’s “11th Hour,” with Brian Williams Biden said that it would be wise for President Trump to call him and former President Obama because they handled the last pandemic well and the economy.

Yes, the one that killed 12,000 Americans.

Host Brian Williams asked, “About the guy you worked with, do you think it’s time for Americans to hear, in a more public setting, from Barack Obama?”

Biden responded, “I think that it would be wise if the president — if Trump called President Obama. I’m going to say something that sounds self-serving, but I think we handled the last pandemic very well. We handled the last economic crisis very well in an organizational structure, how we did it, what we did, who we put in charge, how it got done, where there was no waste of time and money.”

If Joe Biden had it his way the borders would still be open and there would be millions of Americans infected with the Wuhan virus.

Democrats are continuing their barrage to re-shape history and claim that the President didn’t do enough to stop the coronavirus. In reality, the Democrats are trying to coverup the fact that they were so busy with impeachment they dropped the ball.

Here’s Democrats downplaying the virus because while they were focused on impeachment and attacking President Trump over his travel bans.

Here’s what the media was reporting…

But this guy claims he has more experience…

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