Oh Please! Loser Gov Candidate Abrams Sucks Up To Biden For VP Slot With Ridiculous Attack On Trump (VIDEO)

There’s almost like a race for desperation between Whitmer and Stacy Abrams, the former loser, Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate over who can attack the president and be more liberal to get Joe Biden’s VP slot. During an appearance on CNN’s “State of The Union,” she said Americans would not survive another fours years of Donald Trump.

Abrams said:

“Vice President Biden has done this job. He knows what he needs to do to win and what he needs to do to help our country recover from four years of incompetence and chaos. I trust Joe Biden to make the best decision. He has a smart team around him. He has no shortage of good candidates to choose from. Certainly, for the African-American community and communities of color because of this pandemic, there’s a great deal of distrust because these communities are being left to survive on their own often without the support that they need from those who are called to lead. I want to make one thing very clear, Joe Biden enjoys the trust of communities of color, and he will take no one for granted. I believe he will make the right choice based on what he understands and what his team recommends that he do.”

Oh, but she wasn’t done heaping on the praises sucking up to Biden.

She added, “Vice President Biden understands how critical this election is. With four decades of experience, he also knows the tricks Republicans will use to block change. We can’t survive another four years with Donald Trump, and that’s why my organization, Fair Fight 2020, is working nationally in 18 states to ensure that we have a president who actually believes in and trusts the American people.”

Abrams, there’s just a couple of questions I have…

  1. Will Biden remember he picked you?
  2. Will Biden remember he’s running for President?

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