On Eve Of Ballot Audit Fulton County Officials Under Investigation Admit Legally Required Docs Missing

Right before a court ordered forensic audit ballot audit in Fulton County, Georgia the Georgia Secretary of State has launched a new investigation. 

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (who is pitiful) is investigating if the county violated state rules “requiring absentee ballot drop box transfer forms to be filled out.”

Raffensperger’s office supposedly did a thorough investigation shortly after the November election how did his office miss this? 

Raffensperger’s office started the probe on the heels of a forensic audit of Fulton County absentee ballots. 

Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero has ordered county officials to scan ballots and produce high-resolution images, which the plaintiffs will examine to see if the ballots were filled out by hand or machine. The audit will follow the same process used in financial investigations and will comb every detail. 

Arizona and Georgia are not the only states conducting ballot audits. 

Officials in Wisconsin have recently hired a team of retired police officers to examine the 2020 election. Democrat leaders in Michigan are telling local clerks in two counties that they do not have the authority to cooperate with a third-party review of election records or equipment in an effort to block any hopes of an audit.

In New Hampshire officials reported there was no evidence of fraud in a statehouse race after it was discovered that scanned ballots either were not being counted for the Republican candidate or they going toward the Democrat. Officials claimed that the error was due to a fold in the paper created by a folding machine used to mail out the ballots (funny how that only seems to happen to Republicans). Lastly, Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania have also met with Arizona officials who are conducted the audit, however there are no current plans for an audit. 

In 2021, we’ve learned there is viable intelligence suggesting the lab leak theory is true, hydroxychloroquine if used correctly can be effective, Lafayette Square was not cleared for Trump, NIH money was going to the Wuhan lab, and that Fauci said cloth mask use is irrelevant. When these audits are done who knows what will be discovered but one thing is for sure Democrats are fighting like hell to stop them. 

What are they afraid of?

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