On The Day Antifa Stabs 4 Trump Supporters Biden Posts Disturbing Images With A Trump Doll

Joe Biden is claiming to be the President for all Americans yet he allowed the posting of some disturbing images of a Trump doll on the same day Antifa stabbed four Trump supporters.

Images from the social media account of Joe Biden’s pets are incredibly disturbing. The images were taken by Naomi Biden and they are Biden’s dogs Champ and Charlie tearing up a Trump doll.

Liberals are truly disturbed.

The comments on the post were just as disturbing.

Whoever is in charge of the social media account reposted the images taken earlier this year from Naomi Biden. The original images were taken in July, note the date of the post below.

Could you imagine if a member of President Donald Trump’s family posted a video of their dog ripping apart a doll of Biden or Obama? The press and Dems would lose their mind.

The left calls for unity but their actions say otherwise.

During a rally in DC, chaos broke out after Antifa started attacking Trump supporters that were leaving. That led to clashes between Antifa and Trump supporters.

If Joe Biden truly wants unity he would denounce Antifa.