Wait Until You See Who Had Higher Ratings During 1/6 Commission’s Public Hearings

Pelosi’s 1/6 Commission primetime public hearings are a national embarrassment.

The Democrat promised weeks of compelling testimony that would once and for all condemn former President Trump. Their public hearings were supposed to be their Super Bowl event. Instead, they’ve been a complete dud. It turns out that Americans are more concerned about being able to eat and get to work than whatever Nancy Pelosi’s kangaroo court is doing.

That has been reflected in the ratings that reveal children’s cartoons like Daniel Tiger and Curious George have higher ratings than Pelosi’s hearings.

Their big week, when the commission was prepared to drop bombshells, turned into vicious infighting.

Jonathan Swan at Axios reported that the biggest disagreement is between RINO Elizabeth Cheney and Rep. Jamie Raskin. Three sources told him that the two “fundamentally disagree on what needs to be done” after the committee is done.

Raskin wants to nationalize the election and get rid of the electoral college. Meanwhile, Cheney believes Raskin’s reforms would “burn” the committee’s credibility (as if it had any to begin with).

We should all remember that it was Raskin who tried to overturn the 2016 election.

All along the purpose of the 1/6 Committee was to get rid of voter ID, impose a vote-by-mail program and dump the electoral college so blue state cities can pick whose president.

Now all of sudden Cheney is acting like she’s surprised about Raskin’s plans.

Cheney was a darling of the media when she voted to impeach Trump and joined the commission. Now that she is pushing against what the Democrats want the media is going to turn on her.